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Destiny on Purpose: How to get what you truly want out of life.

Foreword by Shradha WTB (Certified Les Brown Coach) (16+)
















How to get what you truly want out of life?

Know what you want
Think about what you want
Take action in getting what you want
Believe you can have what you want 
Establish Habits that will get you what you want

Author Rich Fontaine remembered the day his life changed and the moment everything began to shift from aimless wandering to complete certainty. To find a direction in life and a knowing on how to get it is the height of confidence and success. All the most successful people, entrainers, athletes, salesmen, entrepreneurs, artists, scientist, sages, wise men and leaders throughout history have done 20 underlining things that made them tops in their field, in their business and in life. 

By reading 50 of the top New York Times and International best selling books about the most successful people ever to cross the planet, it came to this young author that all of them were consciously or unconsciously utilizing these 20 concepts, which has heavily researched for this step by step book on how to get everything you truly want out of life.





The Nerd: Who Saved the Universe (12+)

















This story is about gaining self-esteem in oneself to face any problem life has to throw at us, to follow the 3 rules of greatness that will lead us out of our heads and onto the field, to not be afraid of the opposition but embrace the challenge to become our own heroes!

Ernest like many of the kids now a day, doesn’t have many friends, is made fun of in school, has to deal with bullies and lacks self esteem because of his small thin frame and oversized glasses. He is considered a nerd that doesn’t even get good grades in school but inside of him is a courageous heart that is yearning to be unleashed.


Living in a small town with an uneventful life he tends to retreat into his head which is exploding with imagination that leads him from an unpopular reality into an outstanding adventure! He always lived in his fantasy world until one day the real world became the adventure when he becomes prey to a real life monster! The Bully of Bullies, The Mammoth. In this problem, Ernest realizes with some imagination, faith from an Angel, The Knights of Epic encouraging him plus finding the keys to greatness within himself, he’ll face his bullies once and for all to become “The Nerd! Who saved the Universe!   





The EastSide (Urban Romance Novel) (16+)











Jahvon is a young Jamaican man and a good guy who is happy with his life on the east side of Orlando. That's until a feud between the east side and west side neighborhoods drags him into the middle of a conflict, especially after he falls in love with a young Spanish girl who just so happens to be the girlfriend of one of the west side's leaders. He has friends and a mentor help him though the crusades but he turns his back on them when his troublesome cousin agrees to help him get his revenge on the ones trying to keep him and his love apart. Unfortunately for Jahvon, his cousin has a dark ulterior motive that will land him in more trouble than he could image. 


Write to Grow Rich: How to become a successful author in One day. (All ages)












Have you ever wanted to become a published author? How about in one day? This book is part of a program called Write to Grow Rich, where successful author of The Nerd Who saved the Universe and the Les Brown mentored Destiny on Purpose: How to get what you truly want out of life, will teach first timers or authors that want to elevate their careers, how to  your book published  and how to have a successful career doing it.

In this book, you will be taught step by step how to gain an audience, how to sell it to the right people, how to create a brand, how to write a profound piece of literature, how to get your book in local and national markets and most importantly how to get rich doing it.

When author Rich Fontaine wrote his first Urban romance Novel, the EastSide, he spent more money than needed, from shady editors and false promising publishers, so he decided to do it for himself. Through trial and error became an award nominated and bestselling author, which he wants to share his secrets with you. It is time to turn your fantasy of becoming a internationally known author to a reality in just one day!





Ignition: Answer your Calling by Farookh Sensei Featuring 20+ members of the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team & The John Maxwell Certified Team (Including Rich Fontaine) (16+)
















Born to defy all odds is the classic underdog to hero story in which the protagonist Farookh Sensei grows up having all odds stacked against him. Whether in education finances, career or health, he had challenges he had to overcome and demonstrates his classic sense of problem-solving skills at every juncture of his story.

This is a story full of lessons about faith, hope, determinations, struggle and belief. It is gripping, exciting, sad and full of attitude all at the same time. It is a Farookh Sensei special and should not be missed out on.

Foreword by Serena Brown Travis: Daughter and CEO of the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team.







Extension of the Mission




Vision: To create a community of Like-minded Individuals that our pursuing a career in writing/speaking/influencing. To help coaches and trainers gain more clients and speaking engagements while giving event planners and community leaders quality presentations for their meetings, conferences and workshops. 

Purpose: To give guidance and direction for Entrepreneurs and Business Executives in this time of massive disruption and competition. To help them find their purpose within their business and within the team. To align their purpose with those whom they work with or depend upon their successes. 

Goal: To create a massive energy surge with in millions of people to create massive success in their personal lives and within the lives of those associated with their businesses.

One on One: Power of Self CEO, Author, Speaker, Investor & Engineer, Rich Fontaine has established a one on one service via face to face or online to help inspiring authors/writers/influencers/small business owners/large corporations and those looking to make a positive shift in their lives, consulting to help guide to a purposeful life. To get you on track toward your dreams and your goals of having the best life you possibly can, in personal and in business. 

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Originally from Staten Island, New York, Ron Betta's interests include fitness, vegetarian and animal rights issues, music and films. Ron is the Author of books on fitness, relationships and self-enhancement.

Prior to and during his fitness career, Ron worked on 6 films for the Walt Disney Company including Mulan, Tarzan, Beauty and the Beast (Human Again edition), Emperor's New Groove, and Lilo and Stitch. Most recently, Ron worked on the Princess and the Frog. 
Ron has been a Personal Trainer since 2002, training NBC's hit tv show The Biggest Loser, appearing in Magazine and other publications. Today, Ron owns Art of Fitness, a Personal Training and Yoga studio in Orlando, Florida.

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