As a Man Thinketh by James Allen book review

I believe this is one of the most important books ever written. In engulfs the power of thought in the mind and how it is creating our reality every second of every day. This was the secret centuries before the secret, this was the book that made industrial tycoons and millionaires. In my opinion and the opinion of many before my time, James Allen’s book As a Man thinketh is a must read and a must have in your collection. The ideas that a spill from these pages should be shared with all children in every school around the world, from the time they could talk and it would produce many geniuses beyond an Edison or a Tesla. The mastering of the mind is the difference between success or its opposite, between truth and fear or between peace and turmoil. A teaching so needed for human life but unfortunately, this information is only taught to adults if we search hard enough. As a Man thinketh is key to unlocking your potential to its max Zenith making you not only the master of your mind but a master of your reality.

Through our thoughts we become a personality, our personality dictates our character while our character determines our destination in life. Through every thought and deed we create our reality, our environment and our circumstances. This is the reason that the author says “They themselves are makers of themselves.” You can control your thoughts, in return you can control your deeds which means you can control your destiny!

Major points to think about for this book are:

You create your own reality: Your attitude is a result of your thought patterns. Through your thought patterns you will attract the people, the circumstances and the opportunities that shape your existence. There’s a universal law that will change your habitual thoughts into your reality, so through these unseen forces that moves through our lives is creative and creates through thoughts.

We are always becoming something: In life we are constantly moving in a direction. Either forward in progression or backwards in regression but we are never not moving. Just think of the concept of evolution, life is always moving towards progress, using the past as a cursor to move in a forward direction. Our lives are similar in the sense that our life is striving for progression to be more than we are and who we become dictates how life will be.

“We do not get what we want; we get what we are.”-James Allen

Our thoughts affect our circumstances. Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, would say, “What you think about you bring about.” This knowledge on thought has been known from the secret tablets of the ancient Egyptians. That are thoughts are attractive like a magnet or a receiver on a radio. So like the good book says, “As a man thinketh. In his heart so is he.” The secret thoughts we harbor deep within us, what we think deep in our subconscious, the thoughts we don’t admit to anyone are the creative energies that produces how life becomes from us. A troubled character comes from the sum of negative and non useful thoughts while positive thoughts that serve the highest good for all creates an accomplishing character. The author summarizes it this way “Thoughts in the mind has made us.”

We mentally live in a spectrum of thoughts, meaning through both sides of extremely negative or outstandingly positive, we have access to all of them. This is natural, but our choice lies on what type of thoughts we choose to dwell upon. The thoughts we dwell upon becomes our thought habits which will in turn mold our circumstances in life. Thought and circumstances go hand in hand as we become more conscious of our thoughts, we become more conscious of our circumstances. If we took a very detailed inventory of our thoughts and compared them with our life situations, we would see the correlation and realize that this statement is unequivocally true.

Success Tips from Author: Thoughts on Circumstances, Health, Achievement, and Purpose:

A person’s thoughts should be dedicated to a purpose. This is the only way to true discipline. Once a person establishes a purpose, they should dedicate their lives to it, by dedicating their thoughts to this aim, exclusively. This undertaking is not for those that fall for fancies and imaginings, meaning not hope but to know this goal will be achieved because that is all our minds are focused on. The guaranteed achievement of a goal. A person striving to meet a major goal or a purpose will fail and continue to fail at his purpose until weakness of thoughts has been emptied from the mind, to a mind of discipline and strong resolve. This change from weak to strong is the true reward because it is the strengthening of character that molds who a person is and who they will become.

In order to reach the goal or purpose a person must be what I coined “Single Minded Focus,” meaning to keep one's aim singular until its attainment. You think it, breathe it and live it. This is the type of focus of a Michael Jordan or a Leonardo Da Vinci. This is the way of the genius. Thoughts of doubt and fear cloud the mind which will always lead to failure. In physics it is known that two things cannot occupy the same place at the same time, so thoughts of failure and thoughts of achievement cannot coexist in the mind. James Allen says, “He who conquers doubt and fear has conquered failure.

The authors great quote is “As a man thinks, so is he and as he continues to think he shall remain.” Whatever you are habitually thinking about is affecting the person you are becoming either negative or positively and a man or woman will remain this type of person until these thoughts are changed or the opposite thoughts are eradicated from the mind completely. This idea even extends to the personality types of victims and oppressors. The personality of the victim feels oppressed and states revenge against the oppressor while the oppressor feels that victims need to be oppressed to keep them under control but both are cooperating in the victim and oppressor exchange. Meaning one cannot exist without the other. It’s the wise who lives in thoughts that are neither controlling or controlled, neither oppressor or victim but of knowing they are not above nor below anyone, but equal. They have love and compassion for both sides because neither side truly understands what they are doing. They have become co-conspirators, unknowingly needing each other to exist, their thoughts about each other is what keeps them stuck in the role that they have mentally chosen.

How to reach major goals?

A person cannot change their lives until they change their thoughts. A person with weak thoughts of indulgence, security, hate, anger, blame or victim hood will remain in a state that reflects the same reflection in their circumstances. A person's mind must be fixed on their goal with positive belief to create the habit of thinking in a way that is successful. Do not be worrisome when dreams are lofty and seem insurmountable, a big dream creates a large purpose. Keep your eyes on the vision because one’s vision is a preview of things to come! This vision was placed on your mind for one reason, to fulfill it and like a wise man once said, “The dream or vision would not have come to you, if you couldn’t achieve it.” The world needs big dreamers, the author coined “Dreams are the saviors of this world.” Imagine what the world would be without lofty dreamers. The Wright brothers wouldn’t have solved the mysteries of flight and Amelia Areheart wouldn’t have changed bias for women forever. The world was built from dreamers, dreamers of the cell phone, visions of the internet, visions of certain sports, books and entertainment, ways of construction or manufacturing. We eat and live off of dreams.

When you reach your goals, people will see your success and think of favor or blind luck but will not see the pain, the sacrifices, the prejudices, the efforts, the work and struggle that you have voluntarily dove towards in ordered to see a vision complete. The ones who have never tried will not understand the mental focus it takes to achieve on a high level, they just tip it to luck. If a person truly wants to achieve the goal, he or she sets it must not be an ideal wish but a calling, something that you could never leave this earth wondering what if. It must be the fire in your belly, the burning in your soul, the dominating thoughts.

How will you know when you have reached master of the mind?

A calm comes over the man that has mastered his mind, he is likened to a student that has reached graduation, no longer failing to circumstances but directing life consciously to his or her own ends. They carry a stoic demeanor not being pushed around by emotions but being the conductor of self-control and thoughts. This type stays calm in times of adversity and danger; this is the person chosen to lead because they have the ability to lead themselves. People want to follow people that can remain still in the storm, it is reassuring that this person has fairy conquered their minds in return are able to conquer life. Self-control is strength and power, a person that doesn’t lose their temper, break down in emotions, falls for cheap indulgences or neither complains about their situations but handles life as it comes in a the most tranquil way is look at like the master of life and not the victim of circumstances.

The author gives the analogy that men & women’s mind is like a garden, our consciousness is the soil and whatever seed (thought) is planted shall bear fruit. He says, “Good seeds bear good fruit, bad seeds bad fruit.” This is the simplest way to say the initial positive thought will reflect gladding circumstances, but negative thought will produce the opposite. The seed of right thought and the cultivation of that seed is thoughts that are similar. A person must become the master gardener of his or her soul and the director of his or her life. By placing only right thought in the mind it can only bare right fruitage of environment, circumstances, people and situations. A master gardener does not complain about their harvest, but sees the good in all circumstances, knowing that this mind state will always bring about positive results.

To summarize this book in a few lines it would be safe to say is that you much monitor your thoughts, in how you think and what you think about. Only produce thoughts that serve your highest good even if it feels like a lie at the time. I have studied the most successful people’s lives and many times their reality changed dramatically from where they started from. Whatever you think habitually will become your dominating thought in your subconscious mind, which the author calls it “the thoughts in your soul.” He states, that “The soul attracts what it secretly loves and what it fears.” In your dominating thoughts you are attracting circumstances of fear and of love, depending on which is more dominant. Like Paul in the good book stated, “What I feared most, has come upon me.” Our outer world of circumstances is in direct relations to the inner world of thought. As you begin to pay attention you will see that the following statement is true. “Circumstances does not make the man; it reveals him to himself.” Our thoughts become us and our circumstances become the mirror that reflects who we have become. We attract our life situations from what attracted and we do not attract what we want, we attract what we are or who we have become.

Many will still blame circumstances and outside forces, but if they took the time to dissect themselves mentally and see how their thoughts have shaped their lives. We all want our life to change without changing ourselves, but instead will continue to curse the effects while still feeding the causes. An unhealthy life mentally, physically and emotionally is caused by unhealthy thoughts. A person that believes he is poor and will always be poor will never acquire riches while a rich man that thinks he can give in the guiltiness desires and want to be healthy will not acquire the health he wants and a woman who thinks there are no good men in the world, will not come across a good man. We become what we think about and what a person thinks they become and what they become they attract and what they attract is the life they shall live.

Thank you for being a part of the Power of Self Book Club! Reviewed by Rich Fontaine. If you are interested in this book, click the link below and order a copy today! If you order directly from my website I will throw in my highlighted notes and specialty bookmarks for Free! Plus a chance to be in our exclusive business mastermind group for free! Seats are limited.

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