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Updated: Jun 22, 2019

The 7th day principle

The 7th day principle is a method I implement to get engaged mentally before I start any new project, new job, new workout, and new lifestyle regiments or even before dating or looking for a mate. It's the one system I have noticed many people do not use and consequently, they do not reach the goals they are aiming for. This idea is the most accurate way to be in a game before it starts or being in a lifestyle you want before it comes to fruition. It has helped me overcome the fears of a new position, of becoming an author, speaking on stages with Les Brown and changing my body from overweight husky to a physique I truly enjoy. It's all about the 7th day principle, which is simple but can simply change your life.

Many times, I go to seminars where the speaker is very charismatic, motivating and inspiring, but unfortunately, motivation is like a shower that wears off with time. The audience is so hyper and ready to face the world only to find out a few weeks later that they are back to their old habits and environment. What happened? The audience didn’t realize that they were riding on the momentum of the speaker instead of their own. The idea of the 7th day principle is to create your own hype and maintain it for as long as you can imagine. Anyone can do this but only through mental power.

Understanding mental power is very simple. See, the body (the physical body, actions or experience) goes where the mind goes. For example, ever seen the video of a dog sleeping, but moving its legs as if it is chasing something? In the dogs dream, his body reacted to the dream not realizing it's only a dream. Now, you may be thinking well, “That’s a dog and I am a human. My body is more intelligent than that.” But studies show that the human body reacts the same way, which means the mind cannot tell the difference between real and imaginary. Have you ever had the experience of thinking about something scary and your body gets anxious or you think of someone you miss and you instantly get the emotion of sadness? Moreover, have you ever used virtual reality and your body starts to react on what's on the screen even though you know that it is not real? This is because the body cannot tell the difference since it does what the mind tells it to do, which is why the 7th day principle works so well.

The 7th day principle prepares your mind for 7 days before you actually take on the tasks. This does several things such as, gets you mentally ready, it prepares you for what is ahead emotionally while helping you develop the habit of motivating yourself and pushing through down moments. Unfortunately, many times we dive in things without becoming mentally ready first, which always ends up in quitting or not going fully through with the goal. Preparing emotionally will help us to stay calm in stressful situations or on the days we do not feel like doing something while creating our own motivation day in and day out. This is what successful people do on a daily bases and now you know their secrets. The successful are always prepared because like the great Les Brown quotes, “It is better to be prepared and not have an opportunity than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.”

To prepare ourselves mentally, we must take it one day and step at a time. Whenever I start a new workout, I get major results because I use this principle. Before I lift one dumbbell or do one sit up, I get so enthusiastic about it emotionally. I do the same for my writing; once I start, I can’t stop and I used this principle when I was dating, which also helped me find my soulmate. It is simple to do, but like the great Jim Rohn said, “It's easy to do and easy not to do.” But if you can commit yourself to these steps, your life will never be the same again. You will go from the

person who tries to the person that succeeds by getting yourself mentally succeeding before you even attempt to do so.

Day 1: Think

Just think about the goal you want to achieve in the most calm, passive way possible. There’s no need to try and push yourself on this goal, instead think about how good it will feel once you accomplish it. Think about all the other people who have accomplished this same goal and be inspired that you are not alone in this mission. If it is a new job, think about how great it will be at this new job, think about all the great people you can potentially meet and how great the culture will be. If it is a new workout plan or diet, think about yourself losing those 20 pounds and how great you will look. Think about the new body you are about to have. Think about all the positive aspects of this new goal and what it can create for you. Enjoy every thought, see every vision and fall in love with your new found decision to pursue something new.

Day 2: Look at pictures

Visuals are a great way to stay engaged, especially if the new goal is exercise. Look at the pictures of others with the body that you would like to have, but once you start comparing yourself with them in a negative way, cease and start looking at pictures more your speed, meaning photos that are believable for you or that you can imagine actually accomplishing. The point is to motivate and not discourage. If it's a new job, look at successful people doing their jobs or look at highly successful people in your industry, even see if you know their gross income. If you are looking to be a wealthy business person, look at pictures of that person or people and pretend that you are one of them. See as many pictures that inspire you as you can while still thinking about this amazing journey you are about to embark on.

Day 3: Visualize

Take time, preferably, twice a day and visualize yourself being successful at this goal. Even if you are running or working out, visualize yourself doing and being great at this new project or goal. If you have time before bed or right when you wake up, see yourself holding that money, receiving that high paycheck, holding hands with that mate, on that treadmill, at the beach in your new body or at the office speaking with your new employees. In visualization, thinking and looking at pictures, don’t let the end result become what you focus on but the process work as well. If you want to be better at exercising, see yourself doing the crunches, the pullups or the running. What kills us in the process of success is that we want the accolades without the work, but if we can get motivated on the work, the accolades will always follow. With that in mind, see yourself in the office working late, see yourself in the coffee shop at 6am writing or even see yourself going out on the first date bringing flowers or making that awkward first call. See yourself always putting in the work.

Day 4: Start Speaking It.

There is power in tongue. Successful people understand that you do not get what you want but you get what you claim exclusively. In preparing for your goal, start telling yourself and people that you believe in your goals and your intention. Let it be known and be excited about it. If you started a new success program, tell yourself daily, “I am so excited to be starting this new program! I can’t wait to be so successful at it!” Really feel the excitement when you say it and this can go with anything. “I am so excited for this new job!” “I am so excited about this new

body I am going to have in 6 months!” “I am so excited about this new income coming in!” “I am so excited about this new relationship I am about to find!” Whatever it is, speak it into existence. Now, if you are around friends, family that are negative people, this is a good time to keep your new venture to yourself, especially if they are the type to place a pin in your new grand balloon. Just affirm these things to yourself while still visualizing, looking at pictures and thinking. Speak to yourself as much as you can. Feel the momentum of constant affirming what you want as if it was guaranteed to happen and you will be shocked by how much you will start to believe it and once your mind believes it. Certainly, the body will follow.

Day 5: Get information.

They say knowledge is power, but only if it is usable. Gain as much knowledge as you can about your new goals and aims. If you are looking to lose weight, go online and look at new healthy recipes that look good and make a list of your top 10 that you would like to eat. You don’t have to cook anything yet, but prepare your mind to get excited about cooking and eating new things. Become enthusiastic about the process by obtaining more information about it. If you are going for a new job, read up on the history of the company, research their website, and see if you can gage the culture. What ideas can you gain to do your role better? Or think about how great it will be to be a part of the juggernauts of a company. In other words, start doing your research now, while visualizing, thinking, affirming, and looking at pictures to start feeling more engaged at this new project. I believe when we start understanding what is happening around us, we tend to produce more confidence. With confidence comes power. We have tons of information on the internet that can become a great source, but I believe in getting multiple sources, reading books or listening to audiobooks, magazines and different podcast to fully have a wide spectrum of what I am trying to accomplish.

Day 6: Take a trip.

It is always good to surround yourself in the environment that you are planning on being acclimated with before you start taking action. If you are looking to gain muscle, go to the gym you plan on working out in, check out what kind of equipment they have, and see how high the weights go up too in order to ascertain how you are going to navigate in this new workout plan. Even if, you are starting a new job, go to the facilities, get yourself familiar with the area, feel the vibes. “How is it out here?” should be the question you ask yourself. Every environment has its own vibration and when you can tap into that vibe early and often, it will make the new goal realer. Let’s say your goal is to start saving more, don’t start saving the first week you have the idea. Go through this process and at this day, open the online bank account that will be holding all of your new valuables. Get familiar with the savings process, go to nice luxurious neighborhoods and feel how it would feel if you saved a million dollars. Why not, you are just gaining the feeling of having your goal before you even start.

Day 7: Plan

Someone once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Planning out your new goal is the last major key in this principle to fully feel excited and it slowly becomes a reality. Remember that a day is coming when you will get there, it may not be today, but if you stay in the process, it must come someday. Start by gaining a calendar of some kind and start planning the process on how you are going to accomplish your goal. Mark the times you will be working out or eating your meals; the time you are going to start waking up for the new job, the time and day you are going to start the new accounts, the day of the week are you going to read, the day you are going to

study, the time you are going to work on your side hustle, and even the day you are going to propose. Whatever it is, the 7th day principle can work for you as it has worked for me. Make a plan on how you are going to start the new business, on how you are going to start saving, what exercises are you going to do, what foods are you going to eat, what route are you going to take to work, what new policy you are going to roll out, or even what relationship strategy are you going to start implementing. The plan is important to truly feel inspired to take the action needed to acquire the goal you seek.

The 7th day principle is something that I have been using for years and it always seemed to keep me going, stay on track and not procrastinate. Instead of going for it with just action, I started going for it with mind and action. I doubled my skills and focus by just using both in the process and once my heart gets into it, I tend not to ever quit until the chapter is done. I believe this can work for you as well if you are in the process of starting something new. If you are interested in receiving any additional information about me, and things I do to stay motivated and my other works, contact me at or check out my books: Destiny on Purpose: How to get what you truly want out of life and The Nerd who saved the Universe.

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