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Updated: Jun 22, 2019

"Can you be loved and be love?"-Bob Marley

The answer is "yes"

You are love. Love is a Universal Energy of one thing only, it's "The mutual benefit of all people."

When we hate, are anxious, fearful, angry or self loathing we are blocking ourselves from our own energy of Love, which is the most powerful energy in existence. Why? Because it is the Energy that makes all existence possible. A mutual benefit. It is the reason we feel bad, uneasy, disease (dis ease) or out of harmony is because we are blocking our own self. We are love so when we focus on anything outside of love we do not feel good.

Do not believe the story in your mind that no one loves you or know one cares. First, find the love within you and you will find that you are surrounded by it. Love yourself and then you will witness the world loving you.

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