Think and Grow Rich Book Review Part I

Napoleon Hill has 13 steps to riches. Steps that have been proven and vindicated by some of the most prolific businessmen, wealth creators and inventors of all time. His entire philosophy is based on the 13 principles which are:

1. Desire

2. Faith

3. Autosuggestion

4. Specialized knowledge

5. Imagination

6. Organized knowledge

7. Decision

8. Persistence


10. Sex transmutation

11. The subconscious mind

12. The Brain

13. The 6 sense

“All achievements all earn riches have their beginning in an idea.” — Andrew Carnegie (The Carnegie secret)

This critically acclaimed book has been deemed the #1 book in wealth creation and gaining riches. Though the author does not consider riches only in the realm of dollars and cents but also in happiness, positive relationships, and peace of mind. This book was created to assist people in obtaining material wealth but also to awaken their dormant powers of creating the life your soul chooses. The author comes to show us that wealth is created in the mind first before it ever becomes a full-fledged reality. As the great Bob Proctor states, “If you can see it in your mind; you can hold it in your hand.” A concept that this book reiterates, but with more depth and substance. The creation of this book came from the author’s interviews of some of the greatest men in industry and in obtaining riches, during the time of Napoleon Hill but beyond. This work was drafted from Mr. Hill’s experience, knowledge, know-how, and self-discovery which lead to such a phenomenal book, which holds a secret. Hill has said if you can read the book and discover the secret you can create any invoice and the Universe will pay that price tag. What is the secret? Read on and you will discover it yourself if you are ready too.

Our thoughts are things!

Our thoughts are things, but not just anything, something with great power and abilities to create the circumstances and situations either negatively or positively in our lives. When these thoughts are attached to a definite purpose, persistence and a burning desire, these thoughts can be the most powerful advantage we have in attracting the life we were born to have. Hill labors the point by illustrating the story of a poor dandy named Edwin C. Barnes who literally went from rags to riches in several years. The story is remarkable and holds the keys to accomplishing your major financial and career goals if you can truly understand the story.

Barnes had a burning desire to work with Thomas Edison the famous inventor while living in the midwest with no money, no invention background or no formal education. All he knew was that he had a vision of being Edison’s partner and colleague. Most people would have given up such an audacious dream, especially from the place he started but when a man or woman truly has a burning desire, they are willing to look stupid, be talked about negatively or even fail. Barnes was one of those people. Reading a newspaper, he saw that Edison’s office was in New Jersey, which was a bit aways from him. He had no money or funding to make such a trip but instead of getting discouraged to quit, he decided to do whatever he had to do to make the voyage. He did the best thing he knew how and became a stowaway traveling by blind baggage.

Once he got to New Jersey, he was still wearing ragged clothes since he didn’t own any nicer ones, but regardless walked into the inventor's office as if he belonged there. He waited for Edison until he saw him entered into the building and introduced himself, immediately stating how he took the train all the way to New Jersey to become Edison’s partner. Though the man looked impoverish, the look in his eyes, his boldness and determination intrigued Edison, so he hired Barnes as a janitor in his company. The lowest level there was but Barnes quickly took it and began working immediately. Though it wasn’t the partnership he was looking for, it was an opportunity and a foot in the door, so he took the gig with a smile. He worked under Edison for months as a janitor but stayed positive throughout the entire process, keeping his mind focused on the partnership, even when he was mopping floors and picking up trash.

His boldness kept him engaged, positive and without quit until one day, Edison created a new invention and approached it to the sales team. They immediately scuffed at the idea and said it wouldn’t sell which made Edison slightly discouraged until Barnes approached and told him how much he loved the idea and how he could sell every last one. Edison had nothing to lose so he gave him the opportunity to make the sales. Barnes was a man of his word and sold every last item Edison had in stock, which inturned the great inventor granted Barnes the title of “head of sales” for this invention, which made Barnes a multi-millionaire and a partner to Edison! His thoughts remained on the goal, even when things did not look like it would pan out, he remained steadfast while keeping his thoughts on what he wanted to happen not what was happening.

Three feet from Gold!

The genius part of Edwin C. Barnes is that he didn’t quit. When everything around him was showing that he should pack it in, that he would be a janitor for Edison the rest of his life, he kept his eyes on the prize and did not relinquish his dream. Most of us quit too early, as is represented by the story of Three feet from gold.

R.U. Darby got caught in the gold rush where he left his home in search of his new fortune. He spent months in his pursuit but couldn’t find anything. Becoming discouraged he ended up quitting because he didn’t see the results he wanted, he became impatient and sold his area to another. When he sold it, the buyer decided to get an expert to check the land which Darby did not. In not doing his due diligence, he missed out on a fortune. The new owner discovered the old looking rocks were actually diamonds and became a wealthy man while Darby had to live with disappointment.

Luckily for Darby, he didn’t let one failure define him, he actually learned from it while committing to never quit or admit defeat again. With this new mindset, he started working as an insurance agent which lead him to revenues above the million-dollar mark. He said his secret is from what he had learned from giving up to early and shifted his mindset to close even when the customer says “no” or “I am not interested.” He realized that success is usually at the point where a person is about to give up. If they thrived just a little bit longer they would have reached their goal. If one stays persistent without wavering, there’s an aspect to life that opens up and the flood gates to prosperity are opened. The author adds “When riches come they come so fast and in such great abundance you will wonder where were they when you didn’t have much.” The abundance is linked to persistence. Those who persist tend to always reach their goals no matter how lofty they may seem at the time.

Riches start with a state of mind:

Riches follows a thought process, a belief system and a mindset that is rich in consciousness. The thoughts that dwell on success, opens up its awareness of income-producing vehicles and ideas that create abundance. Like the great Earl Nightingale said, “We become what we think about!” The thoughts of positive expectations will always trump pessimism and cynicism.

When Henry Ford wanted to create a specialty Motor, the first of its kind, his engineers said it was impossible to create and that they couldn’t do it. His response was “Do it anyway.” Appalled they started on attempting to oblige this lofty request. Six months later they had a meeting, which the engineers reiterated their statement of it can’t be done, but Ford continued to push them to not give up and keep trying. Almost discouraged after 12 months but at that mark, they finalized and developed this “impossible” engine. Ford proved to himself that a proper positive mindset is a major key to accomplishment and prosperity. His motto was “I want it and I’ll have it.” A determined philosophy of nothing is impossible and if I can dream it I can achieve it.

Thank you for being a part of the Power of Self Book Club! Reviewed by Rich Fontaine. If you are interested in this book, click the link below and order a copy today! If you order directly from my website I will throw in my highlighted notes and specialty bookmarks for Free! Plus a chance to be in our exclusive business mastermind group for free! Seats are limited.

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