Hard work alone will never make you successful!" -Napoleon Hill


Keys to Personal Success:


Mindset 101

Communications 101

Self-Esteem 101


Keys to Financial Success:


Money Management 101

Wealth Accumulation 101

Relationship Building 101


Have you done all the “right things?”


Work hard, put in the long hours, saved money, went to school, received a degree, got into a good business or dating a beautiful person and still can’t seem to feel fulfilled or successful in your life?


This Book is for you!


Success 101 is the teaching of the basic concepts of creating success and abundance in one’s life. Learning what the successful people know in relationships, influence, charisma, confidence, self-motivation, self-discipline, financial abundance or business and are actively doing but is not taught to the average person in school.


Many of us know what changes needs to be made for us to reach a successful attitude but just don’t know how to do so. This course will not only teach you how, but it will give you action steps that will start putting these new habits into practice. These habits work but only if you work them.

Success 101: What they don't teach in school


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