The Webster’s dictionary for power is one’s “ability to act or produce an effect” or “possession of control, authority, or influence over others,” and what the 48 laws of power gives us is a law by law formula to gain such attributes as mentioned in its definition. Why would someone want power? Power is innate in us to desire but not in the ways of ruling over others but of the ways of ruling over ourselves. The 48 laws of power is not about gaining strength over other individuals but of mastering ourselves in order to dictate the effects that happen in our lives. I truly believe, no wants to be a victim or feel powerless to circumstances and life, so author Robert Greene created a set of laws that we will go over one by one, in order for the average person to master themselves, which will master the effects to master our own life’s situations. Since there are 48 laws, we break this book into 6 articles, so we can elaborate each law fully to gather its importances and how can start utilizing them today. Just keep in mind that the laws are not made for the trivial person, who wants to read for a good time or for intellectual purpose, but for the man or woman who is truly looking to be the captain of their journey called life.

The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

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