“The discovery of the law of Evolution in the material world has prepared men for a knowledge of the law of cause and effect in the mental world.... In the realm of thought and deed, the good survives, for it is ‘fittest;’ the evil ultimately perishes. To know that the ‘perfect law’ of Causation is as all-embracing in mind as in matter, is to be relieved from all anxiety concerning the ultimate destiny of individuals and of humanity—‘For man is man and master of his fate’ and the will in man which is conquering the knowledge of natural law will conquer the knowledge of spiritual law.... In this volume I have tried to set down some words indicative of this Law and this Destiny, and the manner of its working and its building.”

  A Complete and Unabridged edition of James Allen's book The Mastery of Destiny. Part of The Works of James Allen Series.

The Mastery of Destiny by James Allen

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